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Welcome to Nidex - Londonderry, where we want to promote Northern Ireland to the world. Below you will find a list of  links related to Londonderry / Derry in Northern Ireland.  Londonderry is the capital of Northwest Ireland and the second largest city in Northern Ireland. It sits on the banks of the Folye and is administered by Derry City Council. During its past it has been the scene of numerous conflicts but hopefully these will all be consigned to history and this great city will return to normality. Whether you're interested in Londonderry business, tourism, industry or just want to find out more about our great country, then hopefully you'll find the links you need there. If you are interested in buying products from Northern Ireland then why not visit our sister site. If you wish to find out more about Nidex then go to Moreinfo. All these links and thousands of other Northern Ireland links can be found at              

Regards from all the Nidex team in Northern Ireland.

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