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1. Small business entry package

Put your business on the world wide web from only £1 per week!


Your own unique URL to allow customers to find your pages easily
Information on your business plus your logo and picture
Professional page design and management.
Local search to allow customers to find your pages
Automatic entry into major world-wide-web search indexes

Small business entry package - £52


Pages can be purchased in 1-year blocks only. The minimum purchase is 1 year. Text and graphics must occupy no more than one side of A4 to qualify. Small business entry packages will be formatted to conform to the standard Nidex page layout, and will include links to other Nidex pages. Your URL will be of the format ""

2. Email.

2.1. Email Forwarding.

We can supply you with a unique email address and forward messages to you by more traditional means.

Your own email address with up to 100 messages / year - £30

Additional 100 messages - £25

Your email address will be


2.2. Existing email users.

We can place your existing email address on your web page.

Addition of email link - £15


3. Web Authoring.

For more complex requirements, we can tailor one or more web pages to your specification. We can make your web pages come alive using CGI scripts, Javascript or Java! You can obtain customer feedback using customised forms and email facilities. Please contact us for more information.

Bespoke web authoring from - £50


4. Web Hosting

Nidex can transfer, host and maintain your existing web site from only £100 per year.

Web hosting service from - £100


5. Advertising Space

Alrighty! We will sell our souls, grandmothers and spare space to promote your business! Why not increase the number of external links to your web pages? We can supply a simple text link or a more complex graphical link from any one of our index pages.


Text links £20 (inclusion in the index is free for one link)

Graphical Adverts and Links from £60

Grandmothers (limited space available) £POA


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